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March 29, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
Ran my first 5k yesterday after what has been an 18 month journey to get off the couch. Time: 27 minutes exactly. (8:42 mile). Yeah I know it's slow, but not bad for an old man that had 25 lbs of baggage a year ago. It felt awesome.. and.. the best thing - I beat all the females in the 9 and under category (in your face little brats!) What did you do this weekend ?
March 20, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
Something turned over this week. Weather is warming up - buds are poppin, birds are singing. All the girlies lookin good jogging on the sidewalk. Ahhh... springtime. Time to get off the couch and OUT OF THE HOUSE!! Drag the dog to the park. Hit the beach. Take the boat out on the lake tomorrow. Breathe it in - it makes you feel good doesn't it ? Summer just around the corner.
March 12, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
This is so amazingly funny I just had to share: God Hates Shrimp and don't miss the church sign generator down in the corner. The Bible - Stranger Than Fiction (tm)
March 12, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
Ok. I admit it. Survivor All Stars has been lukewarm for me. First of all - what is up with everyone quitting!?! Hello - you are still a loser even if you quit! You-can't-fire-me-I-quit doesn't play in Survivor. And don't even get me started about how disappointing Hagrid has been. MY MAN.. Come on! "All-Stars" - sheesh!! (sigh) But then last night - Lex pulls off what may have been one of the best strategery in the history of the franchise (or at least recent memory). A beaut...
March 11, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
I have come to the conclusion that I believe hacking is not only moral, but good for the consumer. Consider the security attacks on Microsoft products over the last year - and look how they have improved their product as a result with numerous updates. Sure there is the potential for damage, but usually it is minor, and in the end, we all benefit from more robust software. So I look up to hackers. In a way they are doing "free Quality Assurance" - and who could argue with that? ...
March 9, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
The chisel does not think when striking the marble. It does not ponder it's existence. It does not ponder it's purpose; the moral right or wrong of the carving. The chisel is simply a tool in the hands of the artist, an instrument. The artist must place the chisel carefully, deliberately. And yet, the artist, who has been commissioned by the wealthy collector, does not have true freedom either. In a sense the artist is the tool of the employer. We dehumanize the weapon, for it is simp...
March 2, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
What is the appeal of body modification? Piercing , Tattoos , Scarification , or even Extreme Weird Stuff (CAUTION!!) ? Some people like the way a tattoo or piercing looks. Some people like the shock value, or it is the "in thing" to do in their social group. Many people regret it later - opting for laser tattoo removal , or let their piercings close up. For me it goes deeper. It's my experience that life is a slippery thing - your circumstances change, your relationships chang...
March 2, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
Dear Friends~ This is an apology to Sir Peter Maxwell, who recently suffered a minor tarnishing of character a few weeks ago. It was my fault, and although my urge is to defend or at least explain my actions, I'm just going to say I'm very sorry, and I won't do it again. If there's any method of reconciliation, I would be more than happy to jump through some hoops. My apologies once again. ~Poet
February 27, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
Open discussion on technology and it's effect on society and culture. Predictions of future technologies and convergence of emerging technologies. If you have any discussion topics you would like to see, throw them up here. A couple of topics in the keg which I will serve up soon: * Moore's Law * Wireless + GPS * Computing architectures * Power systems * Materials research & nano * Biochemistry Contributions are encouraged. Reply here.
February 27, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
Can someone please defrag the backend server at JoeUser or add another box to the mid-tier cluster. thanx
February 26, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
I'm watching the Jessica Simpson video, and it occurs to me that she has become a caricature of herself - she seems to be playing out the life she plays on TV, married to Nick, even to the point of making fun of herself (as portrayed in Newlyweds) - and she does it all seriously - as if she doesn't even "get it". Is it possible for her to walk upright and move her mouth without having ANYTHING between her ears ??
February 21, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
The dentist is fun. I don't know why. Got three teeth drilled today - one do-over from 12 years ago, and one do-over only a YEAR old - my last dentist. ARG! oh well, she wont get anymore of my money! hahah oh... and... one new one. oops. Now all three are on the same side - I guess I have a mental block brushing those teeth. So my new denist who is absolutely hillarious and young and cute says something like - "OK, here we go." And I think I said something like "You know what you're doing?...
February 19, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
Note the bottom four in the right chart. Heh heh.
February 18, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
Bored high-school student? Out-of-work comedian? Undercover CIA? or... THE REAL DEAL??? Place you predictions here!! IMPORTANT UPDATE. IDENTITY REVEALED. SEE POST ON FEB 20
February 16, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
Are there people in the halls you see and turn the other way - go out of your way to avoid ? Other that the obvious ex-boy/girlfriend who screwed you over - what traits do these people have that makes you want to turn away ? Is it a permanent thing? Once you've flipped the switch - they're out - or do they get a second chance ? Does it fade over time ? Lastly - is it OK, or do you feel bad ? I'm asking cuz it happens to me occasionally, right now I have two on my list. It's hard to p...