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Published on February 27, 2004 By PoetPhilosopher In Blogging
Can someone please defrag the backend server at JoeUser or add another box to the mid-tier cluster.


on Feb 27, 2004
I doubt fragmentation is the problem.

on Feb 27, 2004
Ahh good point - most of the site is probably cached anyway. Maybe somebody forgot to turn off the "3d pipes" screensaver.

Somebody go wiggle the mouse.
on Feb 27, 2004

I wiggled the mouse and the server blue screened.

on Feb 27, 2004
You just made my week.

Did it look anything like THIS ?
on Feb 28, 2004
lol nice

on Feb 29, 2004
HAHAHAHAHAHA That was greatness man......

on Feb 29, 2004
It needs the one finger salute.
on Mar 01, 2004
PoetPhilosopher- where have gone to???
on Mar 02, 2004
It's still slow