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What do YOU think???
Published on February 18, 2004 By PoetPhilosopher In Blogging
Bored high-school student?

Out-of-work comedian?

Undercover CIA?



Place you predictions here!!




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on Feb 18, 2004
LOL... i am going to silently sit on the fence for this baby.

on Feb 18, 2004
I'm going to go off on my own and say ..A lowly peasant with thoughts of grandeur.
on Feb 18, 2004
I am doing a little research on his true identity. Let's just say - it's nice to have connections.
on Feb 18, 2004
China Cat couldn't have said it any better!
on Feb 19, 2004
who cares?

surely peoples real identities don't matter. Makes no difference to me.

on Feb 19, 2004
For me, I prefer the funiest blog of the last 3 days. Whoever, thanks
on Feb 19, 2004
For me, I prefer the funiest blog of the last 3 days. Whoever, thanks
on Feb 19, 2004
You mean he is not a billionaire that own Lycos? It's funny.
on Feb 19, 2004
Good Morning people, I am greatly honoured that I have this article/thread dedicated to me. There are people here who realise that I am the real deal but others who doubt me. I understand why people doubt me as it is slightly strange to find a man such as myself blogging but I am an eccentric English Billionaire and I enjoy this new medium to promote my values. Keep up the suggestions on who you think I am I find it most amusing.


Sir Peter Maxwell
on Feb 19, 2004
the most comforting thought for me is:

- a bored billionaire.

..already driven all the good cars,
used all the pretty women,
smoked all the havanas that are good.
eaten all almost extinct species, with mint-sauce.

sitting in the lil backroom of the palace in his ´jamis,
having an almost naked girl of barely legal age deliver him a cup
of Earl Grey with viagra every 2 hours,
in between pleasuring the maid and having a wee,
he enjoys to blog a little with us.

...good thought, eh?!

- Weltregierung ( an underpaid copywriter, who hasn´t had sex in a while .) )
on Feb 19, 2004
Anyone seen the Travelocity gnome post-card commercials? You know, "...One is in danger of getting bubbles up one's whoopsidaisy." ?

If you read his posts with that accent in mind they are really, really funny. Is there a law against impersonating a knight? Maybe he'll get sued by Peter Maxwell Davies. Oh well, he can afford it, no doubt.

Pip pip, cheerio, and all that...
on Feb 19, 2004
I have tracked his posts to an ISP located in South Africa. No more information at this time.

Perhaps a disgruntled expatriate ?

I'll let you know when my sources find out more.
on Feb 19, 2004
I guess we won't have an orgy in his gloucester palace....'
on Feb 19, 2004
hey if hes an english billionaire I invented the internet... I dare you to prove your wealth by buying me a new car...
on Feb 19, 2004
Maybe he is on one of his many business trips to South Africa?

purchasing stocks of gold or diamonds no doubt. or maybe hunting in the game parks?