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Published on February 18, 2004 By PoetPhilosopher In Blogging
Bored high-school student?

Out-of-work comedian?

Undercover CIA?



Place you predictions here!!




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on Mar 01, 2004
Jill that was a marriage that was proposed to me by a woman from the phillipines. I declined her offer and chose a beautiful Russian lady as my wife. We will have a dinner party with Tony and Cherie some next in the next few weeks
on Mar 01, 2004
Why would you have the big castle wedding with a peasant from the Phillipines and not with a peasant from Russia? Just interested.
on Mar 01, 2004

I had a very pleasant trip Muggaz old chap, I got married it was a beautiful ceremony in Moscow.

Why no wedding pictures?

on Mar 01, 2004
Jill - I never wanted to marry a girl from the Phillipines - she approached me online!

Karmagirl - Pictures will be posted soon if i am not forced out of joeuser by the vendetta being waged against me by a group of lesbians!
on Mar 02, 2004
I must retract all the claims I have made of Sir Peter Maxwell's identity due to faulty investigative work. A friend of mine recommended what was a supposedly competent person by the name of Mr. Kay who coincidentally was looking for work in this area.

A Full Public Apology has been issued here.

Again I say, Sir Peter Maxwell I am sorry if this caused any problems in your business relationships, or damaged your esteem in the eyes of the peasants.
on May 16, 2005
with love,