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What do YOU think???
Published on February 18, 2004 By PoetPhilosopher In Blogging
Bored high-school student?

Out-of-work comedian?

Undercover CIA?



Place you predictions here!!




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on Feb 20, 2004
Dark-Star as you are something to do with the site I see you have looked into my password which contains the number 1982 - you are right that this year contains significance to me as it is the year my dear son Richard was born, Also you will find that 1956 was the year I was born so i'm not sure what your post proves or disproves.

Come on chaps is that the best you can do to try and disprove me, Concrete evidence is needed and I am not surprised none has been produced.

Over and Out

Sir Peter Maxwell
on Feb 20, 2004
My sources have snapped a photo of Sir Peter Maxwell driving the lane. I presume that is his chauffer which he has spoken of before in red.

Please excuse the poor quality of the photograph. This was taken many meters away with a telephoto lens, and my source was deep undercover.

Real Sir Peter Maxwell revealed!!!

At this time I cannot confirm or deny the validity of his claims, although he seems to sport a hairstyle decended from nobility.

on Feb 20, 2004
Pfft, to even imagine that someone of Sir Peter's breeding would play... basketball. and those shoes... as if...

Take heart, Sir Peter, you have friends. Though some peasants may be revolting, others rally to your banner!!
on Feb 21, 2004
I played center (or was it small forward?) on that team and I can testify he was not on it. I do know that the guy in the photo was boyfriend of the girl prostitute he likes to rent and converse with. She gives him his speeling tips. Ooops ther gos my lak of egukashun shewing agin.
on Feb 21, 2004
Basketball is not popular in England except with a few inner city urchins who think they are gangster rappers, so the idea that a man such as Sir Peter Maxwell would play is preposterous.

Bakerstreet I thank you for your support on this issue!


Sir Peter
on Feb 26, 2004
I think he is having a most splendind time in Moscow.

on Feb 27, 2004
This is simply fabulous.. I have difficulty believing him to be the man he says he is (JC summed it up well) but on the other hand it doesn't really matter all that much. This is what blogs are for, right?

Imajinit, you might want to add this onto your list of rumors and such:)

on Feb 28, 2004
Hello dear people, I am glad that speculation on the nature of my business success rages on. Keep up the good work


Sir Peter James Henry Maxwell IV
on Feb 28, 2004
Your indulgences are greatly appreciated, Pete.

on Feb 29, 2004
this is not fabulous.....he gets on my nerves!!! If he is who he says he is, he's a dirty old man who has no intelligence or humor....if he's not, that's even more sad...why would you make up a personality that sucks?

on Feb 29, 2004

stop being a prude... have some fun.

I trust you had a pleasant trip Sir Peter?
on Feb 29, 2004
I had a very pleasant trip Muggaz old chap, I got married it was a beautiful ceremony in Moscow.

New age nomad has a few issues with my wealth but I don't take offence at the campaign being waged against me.
on Feb 29, 2004
Unbenownst to the widespread JoeUser crowd, Trin and Pete have done a little "cahorting" on the side... so she's a little sensative on the topic, understandably.

on Feb 29, 2004
HAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!! never again.....

on Mar 01, 2004
Hey Sir Peter, what ever happened to the wedding in the castle with all of the big wigs attending (Tony Blair, GW Bush, etc)? You went to the peasant woman instead of having her brought to you?