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Got drilled today
Published on February 21, 2004 By PoetPhilosopher In Misc
The dentist is fun. I don't know why. Got three teeth drilled today - one do-over from 12 years ago, and one do-over only a YEAR old - my last dentist. ARG! oh well, she wont get anymore of my money! hahah oh... and... one new one. oops. Now all three are on the same side - I guess I have a mental block brushing those teeth.

So my new denist who is absolutely hillarious and young and cute says something like - "OK, here we go." And I think I said something like "You know what you're doing?" and she says, "Of course I've done this before"... pause... "You're number two." HAHAHA - Then she comes at me with the needle, and 10 mins my left eye is drooping (WTF?) - Lean back.


Drill drill drill.

And the smell, oh lordy - the smell of burning teeth - is that what it is? But it's quick and painless and I get to gaze into her beautiful eyes and here her charming voice, and.. oh wait a sec, sorry. Yep it's all good - look into the mirror - Yep there's a huge hole in the middle of my tooth. Fill it up with the goop, and shoot it with the UV - snap, snap, snap. blue light and those eyes.

45 mins I sit up in the chair and I look at her and say something like "Yur hrully ghood doc." and give her a look but no phone number (damn) well she does smile and I just gave her 400 bucks! So I guess that's my last chance for awhile unless I have to come in again for a dental problem.

You know, some candy sounds good right now

on Feb 21, 2004
This sound too good. Put a woman in a white coat and she became attractive. That why you are eating candies, aren't you?
on Feb 26, 2004
drilly drilly in a frilly frilly