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Published on March 29, 2004 By PoetPhilosopher In Sports & Leisure
Ran my first 5k yesterday after what has been an 18 month journey to get off the couch. Time: 27 minutes exactly. (8:42 mile). Yeah I know it's slow, but not bad for an old man that had 25 lbs of baggage a year ago. It felt awesome.. and.. the best thing - I beat all the females in the 9 and under category (in your face little brats!)

What did you do this weekend ?

on Mar 29, 2004
I did NOT run!!! I gathered and played. We have foraging rights on three hundred acres just outside of town. And I listened to my brother play at a litle coffee shop. Nice weekend.
on Mar 29, 2004
Congrats by the way on beating those 9 year olds, they deserved it!!
on Jan 07, 2005

We miss you man.  Wish you'd come back.