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March 2, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
What is the appeal of body modification? Piercing, Tattoos, Scarification, or even Extreme Weird Stuff (CAUTION!!) ?

Some people like the way a tattoo or piercing looks. Some people like the shock value, or it is the "in thing" to do in their social group. Many people regret it later - opting for laser tattoo removal, or let their piercings close up.

For me it goes deeper.

It's my experience that life is a slippery thing - your circumstances change, your relationships change - "shit h...
February 16, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
Are there people in the halls you see and turn the other way - go out of your way to avoid ?

Other that the obvious ex-boy/girlfriend who screwed you over - what traits do these people have that makes you want to turn away ?

Is it a permanent thing? Once you've flipped the switch - they're out - or do they get a second chance ? Does it fade over time ?

Lastly - is it OK, or do you feel bad ?

I'm asking cuz it happens to me occasionally, right now I have two on my list. It's hard to p...