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Do ya ? Why ?
Published on February 16, 2004 By PoetPhilosopher In Personal Relationships
Are there people in the halls you see and turn the other way - go out of your way to avoid ?

Other that the obvious ex-boy/girlfriend who screwed you over - what traits do these people have that makes you want to turn away ?

Is it a permanent thing? Once you've flipped the switch - they're out - or do they get a second chance ? Does it fade over time ?

Lastly - is it OK, or do you feel bad ?

I'm asking cuz it happens to me occasionally, right now I have two on my list. It's hard to put a finger on it, but if I talked it out I could probably describe what bugs me about them.

Today I saw one of them heading into my office as I came back for coffee from the break room, I did a 180 and ducked back into the break room, waited. I was thinking "man that was crappy".

on Feb 18, 2004
I'm somewhat ashamed to admit it, but i do it too.
There's a girl who works at a store here on the base I live at, who has an absolute heart of gold and from what I've seen is a very nice person...but I avoid her like the plague. If I see her but she doesn't see me I try my best to be inconspicuous so she won't notice me and head in the opposite direction at the earliest opportunity. She's just so......annoyingly simple (intellectually) and naive, and I find myself becoming incredibly frustrated whenever I have to speak to her. (I know that's not the whole reason I react the way I do, but that's the only one I can verbalise at the moment.) She also doesn't want to stop talking once we've started, and I find it hard to get away from her without being rude.
So there, you're not alone.
And I feel like somewhat of a turd for admitting that I do it too!
on Feb 18, 2004
Ummm, I guess I avoid an administrator that goes by the name of Mrs. Carouth because she wont' let me wear my shirt that says, "Make 7 ---Up Yours" You know the one. The first time I wore it, she asked me if I knew why it was unacceptable. I had to see where this would go. "NO, mamm, I do not not." She went on to explain the meaning of "UP Yourz" and it took every ounce of strength in me to hold back the laughter. Sorry I went off on a little tangent.


p.s. I realized this has nothing to do with your article; I know you were talking about something completely different, but I just needed to put my two cents in.
on Feb 18, 2004
Yes, I do it too. I feel bad. There's this girl that I know and I always flee whenever I see her coming towards me. She's really spacey... every sentence that comes out of her mouth is spoken lowly, and slooooooowly. I think the reason why I run is because after spending some time with her, she seems to have messed up my space/time continuum. I feel otherworldly, and not in a good way.
on Feb 18, 2004
There is a girl that lives on my floor who also drives me nuts. I'll be walking into the showers, and she'll stop me and try to have a long conversation when I'm standing in my bath robe! I actually feel embarrassed after she talks to me. I feel bad, she's really nice, but AH she drives me insane!!!!
You're not the only one.
on Feb 18, 2004
I avoid security gaurds at nightclubs and pubs because usually i am so intoxicated if they saw me i would be evicted from the establishment.

on Feb 19, 2004
I don't avoid many people in the workplace these days which is nice because I have been in places where that has been a regular occurence. In fact much of my day would be focused around avoiding particular people so I could actually save myself the agony of having to hold a conversation with them.

These days the only people I avoid are meter maids and relgious zealots handing out pictures of fetuses. Not simply because I have a problem with their politics, they just always seem to smell funny.
on Feb 19, 2004
haha, you're very amusing suspeckted.

on Feb 21, 2004
One person - acts like they know everything, interrupts me when I'm trying to answer their questions.


ever have a conversation with someone where they complete all your sentences and everytime they are WRONG? AARRRGGG! And they keep trying and each time it's like "no, what I meant was".. and they do it again and it's like "no, what I meant was", etc, etc.


is loud and obnoxious and drops F-bombs out of the blue. Also - the "(sigh) - I am SOOO busy - I was in this weekend working, and need to stay late, and blah blah blah". Yeah we are all WORKING OUR BUTTS OFF - do you want a gold star and a pat on the head ?

what else.

throws horrible parties, cooks crummy food, and when they want the party to be over says "ok - everyone leave" (these are the literal words I kid you not!!)

they are tenacious and bitchy as hell, which actually I think are GOOD things, but the problem is that they are tenacious about the WRONG THINGS. It's like - "no, this is superificial, you really need to worry about this", etc.

well... they are a good person and nice enough.

I feel better now, thanks
on Feb 22, 2004
some people are just annoying. way too nice and way too negative are the ones i can't stand. If you're overly nice, i'm gonna think that you're faking it. (and 9 out of 10 are faking it) if you're too negative, then nothing is ever good enough, and believe me, no one likes being around you, no matter how well they fake it.

No matter how hard you try, there are some people that you're just not going to mesh with. Don't beat yourself up over it.

cliche' of the day:
we're supposed to love everyone, but that doesn't mean that we have to "like" everyone.

on Feb 22, 2004
Everyone avoids someone... Atleast those with manners because we don't want to hurt peoples feelings we will go out of our way in order not to see them.
I pose a question now though, why should we feel connected with people we specifically don't want to see? I don't see why we have to put on an act when we do see these people... they really have no say in our everyday lives or actually hold any importance like a family member or friend. The world would be chaotic though if everyone was completely honest all the time so in essence we couldn't get along without lying... just a thought
on Feb 26, 2004
Interesting comment about meshing. I guess I just figured - it was mostly a reflection of me - that I wasn't "flexible" enough to even be polite around them so I avoided them alltogether. But I guess you are right - Some People are just Lunatics

Blog on.
on Mar 03, 2004
I was just thinkging there is no equivalent in the blogging world to someone coming to look for you and you ducking around the corner.

I guess the closest in bitspace is when someone asks you for your IM, and then they are annoying as hell, and so you have to put them on permanent-block. And then you tell them in person - "oh yeah.. I never log in anymore".

Heheh. I've done that too.

I really suck.