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March 20, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
Something turned over this week. Weather is warming up - buds are poppin, birds are singing. All the girlies lookin good jogging on the sidewalk. Ahhh... springtime. Time to get off the couch and OUT OF THE HOUSE!! Drag the dog to the park. Hit the beach. Take the boat out on the lake tomorrow. Breathe it in - it makes you feel good doesn't it ? Summer just around the corner.
February 21, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
The dentist is fun. I don't know why. Got three teeth drilled today - one do-over from 12 years ago, and one do-over only a YEAR old - my last dentist. ARG! oh well, she wont get anymore of my money! hahah oh... and... one new one. oops. Now all three are on the same side - I guess I have a mental block brushing those teeth. So my new denist who is absolutely hillarious and young and cute says something like - "OK, here we go." And I think I said something like "You know what you're doing?...