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February 15, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
This is your brain on drugs.

Seems quaint now doesn't it? Humorous.

In 2003 the US spent $19 billion in the war on drugs, a stunning $600 a second. And for what?

1.6 million arrests, someone arrested every 20 seconds - 40% of which are for marijuana possesion. Not selling drugs, not traffiking, but POSSESION.

$600 a second to arrest 650,000 people for smoking pot.

What are we thinking???

Prohibition didn't work in the 1920s and it has not worked in the 30 years that we have wag...
February 15, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
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"People's medical records should not be the tools of political operatives," said Rep. Eliot Engel, D-N.Y. "All Americans should have the right to visit their doctor and receive sound medical attention without the fear of Big Brother looking into those records."

"Not only is this Justice Department and this attorney general profoundly anti-abortion, but they have a questionable commitment to civil liberties," Chavkin said.

ya think?
February 12, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
you be the judge:
February 12, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
you be the judge:
February 11, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
When writing a blog - type what you see below.
February 9, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
Someone recently said to me: My pacifism stops when someone declares war on me. She is apparently a pacifist only until the condition that actually calls for pacifism arises. She wants to know how we can protect ourselves if we don’t return violence for violence. She wants to know what we should do.

No wonder she is at a loss. The human race has almost no experience with lasting peace or its strategies. Our default has always been war. When at risk, we want to destroy the enemy that has put u...
February 9, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
Science is quickly approaching the time when we crack the aging nut. From telomere research to DNA therapy, organ regrowth not to mention plain old prosthesis, some say that children being born now may never die from natural causes.

Sure, eventually you're going to walk out in front of a car, but living 150, 200, 300 years may be normal in another century.

So the questions is... if you could live forever, would you ? How would it affect your life? Your relationships? Your work? Family?

February 7, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
I wandered across this and couldnt believe my eyes...


Business - Reuters

February 05, 2004


Stephen and Connie Staz were desparate to have a child. In 2001 when they visited a fertility clinic in Modesto, CA the paperwork was daunting. "I admit I didn't read it in detail", Mr. Staz reported. "When the lawyers from SLI contacted me, I thought it was some kind of sick joke. It's been months since w...