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March 9, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
The chisel does not think when striking the marble. It does not ponder it's existence. It does not ponder it's purpose; the moral right or wrong of the carving. The chisel is simply a tool in the hands of the artist, an instrument. The artist must place the chisel carefully, deliberately. And yet, the artist, who has been commissioned by the wealthy collector, does not have true freedom either. In a sense the artist is the tool of the employer.

We dehumanize the weapon, for it is simply ...
February 9, 2004 by PoetPhilosopher
Science is quickly approaching the time when we crack the aging nut. From telomere research to DNA therapy, organ regrowth not to mention plain old prosthesis, some say that children being born now may never die from natural causes.

Sure, eventually you're going to walk out in front of a car, but living 150, 200, 300 years may be normal in another century.

So the questions is... if you could live forever, would you ? How would it affect your life? Your relationships? Your work? Family?