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Published on March 9, 2004 By PoetPhilosopher In Philosophy
The chisel does not think when striking the marble. It does not ponder it's existence. It does not ponder it's purpose; the moral right or wrong of the carving. The chisel is simply a tool in the hands of the artist, an instrument. The artist must place the chisel carefully, deliberately. And yet, the artist, who has been commissioned by the wealthy collector, does not have true freedom either. In a sense the artist is the tool of the employer.

We dehumanize the weapon, for it is simply a tool. But is the solider not an instrument of the army? And is an army not an instrument of a government, which is an instrument of a specific philosophy?

So here you sit, blogging away on your keyboard.

Have you stopped to think who controls the tool which is YOU?

And for what purpose?

Replies encouraged.

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on Mar 13, 2004
I've thought of this isue since the day I came here. I am well aware of it and came to be a 'monkey-wrench' in the machine being formed.

I am a tool but not as intended. I work for a different purpose which you know by my posts.

I am glad you put this up as you did. It will make others consider their role here as well. Thanks.

What rocked me most was finding my joeuser blogs on another site of this company, posted without my knowledge at all. I said HMMMM!