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Published on February 19, 2004 By PoetPhilosopher In Religion

Note the bottom four in the right chart. Heh heh.

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on Feb 19, 2004
I never said religion was what you used to validate your life. - I know.

You have just entered the waste of time category.

Have a nice life.

on Feb 19, 2004
"It ain't easy, bein' cheesy."
on Feb 19, 2004
How mature.
on Feb 19, 2004
I guess I should clarify the point I was making though, since it is clear that people are missing it. If you're going to criticize others for being naive, then you should at least not be naive yourself. That's the pot calling the kettle black.
on Feb 20, 2004
Point taken Messy Buu. I say if you are going to even criticize at all don't expect any sympathy or attention from me. Unless of course you apologies, and want to change, then you get my empathy.

I like to take a quote from an all time favorite, I know!! Bambi!
"If you don't have anything nice to say...then shut yo' yap!" (One-man's Edition editing)

Anyway, PoetPhilosopher, thanks for this article, interesting polls to think about.
on Feb 20, 2004
While I'm not religious, I think some of you suffer from a bit of hypocricy. There was plenty of criticism targeted as Messy Buu and what was her (ahem) "sin"? She believes in God. Like virtualy everyone else. Yet some of you think yourselves somehow superior because you have faith that the universe was essentially a random occurrence.
on Feb 20, 2004
Ok, i am being naive over a piece of cheese developing mold... except it wasn't naivety, it was pure ignorance on my part, i had failed to research that cheese couldn't develop mold on its own.

Now its the Pot calling 64% of America naive for beleiveing some Jew 40,000 years ago parted the red sea.

I take back the waste of time comment... this has clarified everything i think.

on Feb 20, 2004
Jeebus, i am an Idiot.. cant even spell BAM!!!

Brad, i was not being a hypocrite, i was merely defending myself after she put words in my mouth.

on Feb 20, 2004
What we have here is primarily a cesspool of ignorence. Now come on guys, didn't Brad write an article a while ago about knowing the subject BEFORE you talk?

For starters, irreducible complexity has baffled evolutions for years. They can't get past it. If you don't what that is, look it up. No Jew parted the Red Sea 40K years ago by anybody's standards, Muggaz. Now I like you as a blogger but that was a pretty stupid thing to say considering that most Christian's believe the pope's consensus that the earth isn't much over six thousand years old. The occurance with moses would have happened about a tenth as long ago as you suggested.

"Sir," I'm glad you don't need a crutch. But I'm no weakling, and I'm brash enough to suggest that if I need help, you do too. BAM!!!

okay enough thoughts for now. Eat some fresh cheese everybody, it'll make you feel better.

on Feb 20, 2004
40k or 4k... no one parted the red sea.

Eat some cheese with mould - camembert with some crackers.

I am glad you like me as a blogger though - it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

on Feb 20, 2004
Ok class here is a pop quiz. What is the history of the word "atheists"? It seems that some individuals like to use the word, however, its history is really quite different from what someone might except. The first to get this right gets to use my iPod for five minutes. I know it is not the greatest prize, but it is all there is to offer at this time.

on Feb 20, 2004
There are plenty of interesting articles and programs written about the parting of the red sea. Did Moses (like Charton Heston) raise his arms and walk between two huge walls of water? Probably not. Did the Eqyption army get drowned in the red sea trying to follow the Jews? Yes. Ancient Eqyptian documents verify that this happened. Current thought revolves around 2 possibilities.

a) The Jews made use of neap tides and boggy ground to escape while the eqyptian chariots got bogged down and then flooded when the sea returned.

A major geological event (such as the eruption of San Torini around this time) may have causes sever weather disruption and indeed caused the sea to receed. This would have let the Jews cross and flooded the Eqyptians who tried to follow.

So the fact is that some form of Red sea parting did occur (as mentioned in Jewish and Eqyptian documents). Do all 66% of Americans who believe this Bible story believe in the same event. I doubt it.

I won't comment on creation of the world in 6 days though. Someone would have to define the word 'world'. Planet? Universe? Reality?

on Feb 20, 2004
Can you point me to these ancient egyptian documents?

I hate to sound like the eternal cynic... but its simply too far fetched for me to fathom...
on Feb 20, 2004
I'm continually astonished at the ammount of disinformation circulating amongst US believers about what scientists do or do not believe and what science does or does not explain. All we need next is someone trying to drag in the third law of thermodynamics. The disinformation about historical documents exist regarding biblical events is as bad. If I believed in God, the idea of spreading lies in his name would horrify me.
Atheist - the "a" prefix denotes "without" so literally "without god" so an a-theist is someone who denies the existence of god(s). Many people confuse it with agnosticism (without knowledge) and many people, such as myself, are technically agnostic but practically atheistic.
on Feb 20, 2004 post.

I recently saw a docu. about israeli archaeologist who tried to prove/disprove the events noted in the bible.

They came to the conclusion that Moses DID NOT lead the jews back to Israel, in fact they have not even been there during that time. they found absolutely no proof of that. Might have been made up to give a better story. Parting the red sea and all.
The bible says they conquered 5 cities when returning, but 3 of those cities have not been conquered
in that time period. Only one had ashes that the c-14 dated into that time.

..of course the scientists got all kind of death threats from orthodox jews.
It cannot be what must not be.